Peaceful thoughts

A couple of things as we move into the winter holidays for 2018.

First is Syria, a complex place, with warring factions, and two superpowers engaged as well.  Now the US is pulling out its troops before a peace is negotiated, leaving a vacuum likely to be filled by forces it will be more difficult to contain later on.

Second is Jeremy Corbin.  He is the leader of the Labor party, now out of power in Britain as the country tilts towards exiting the European Union like an unsteady Don Quixote on his horse.  Jeremy Corbin has his political roots in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and if elected prime minister would likely advocate for, if not arrange for, a UK without nuclear weapons.  This would be a remarkable shift for Britain.   The question is, would unilaterally engaging in banning nuclear weapons by a country such as Britain make the world a safer place, a more peaceful place?

Countries with nuclear weapons all working together to draw those down, and work toward a world without nuclear weapons would be the ideal.  Will that happen?   In all likelihood, no.

The Jungian shadow is alive and well in the military industrial complex of countries who have permanent seats on the UN Security Council.  Perhaps we should call it the UN Insecurity Council until we can get that Jungian shadow under some measure of control.

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